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WordPress Maintenance Made Easy!

We’ll do the dirty work, so you can focus on what you do best.

These days, every WordPress captain needs a great crew for smooth sailing! What started as the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Valentin Miculit, at the crossroads of client frustrations and overlooked opportunity, further developed into a full-featured WordPress maintenance service. We are strong supporters of WordPress and we believe it has abundantly proven its dominance in the blog and website design industry.

WordPress is known for its flexibility and versatility. This fact makes WordPress one of the most widely adopted open source platforms available. While the WordPress development team does an amazing job at keeping up with bugs and introducing new features, unfortunately, most WordPress websites don’t benefit because they are not updated on time and maintained properly, making them vulnerable to malicious attacks and spyware.

We decided to make a difference and help website owners bridge that gap, by offering a simple and hands off monthly WordPress maintenance service subscription. We not only keep your WordPress website up to date, but we become a virtual team that handles many issues that may come up on your behalf. Let our experts handle your WordPress maintenance so you can focus on what you love and do best!


Thank you again for all your help. When I wrote to you this morning I had no idea that you would do this today! I am amazed and so happy to have this done. You have the best service I have ever experienced.

If you have a WordPress website, I can guarantee there will be glitches. The WPupkeep guys always responds in a timely fashion to help over come those glitches. Most of all, their wealth of knowledge regarding WordPress maintenance is priceless.

How it Works

We made it easy. Promise!

Review our pricing table, find the features that fit your needs and order your WordPress Maintenance Service.

Respond to our email with access information to your WordPress Website or Blog.

Kick back and celebrate your new found freedom. The stress and headache relief is complementary!

Fine Print: We do not claim to cure or relieve any medical condition, including headaches, but we are committed to making WordPress maintenance easy.


We pack some serious punch!

Awesome Support

Every WordPress captain needs a great crew! We are a young group of experienced WordPress geeks with lots of experience, obsessed by over-delivering quality WordPress maintenance service in a timely fashion. We are committed to making your WordPress experience delightful!


WordPress hackers and villains take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress instances and exploit your hard work. With updates performed on a monthly or even daily basis, we’ll keep you safe and sailing smoothly.


No need to fear loosing your valuable work to server or database crashes ever again! We perform scheduled backups to off-site cloud based storage on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Storing several instances of your WordPress website allows you to revert to a previous version with ease.

Database Optimization

Your WordPress website’s performance is vital to your visitors and search engines. By performing database optimizations, we significantly reduce the risk of database and data corruption.

Security Scans

Keeping you and your visitors safe from exploits and malware is key to your success. In collaboration with we bring top of the line WordPress security protection to your WordPress website.

Uptime Monitoring

Tired of finding out from your visitors that your website i down? Say no more! We’ve got you covered. Beyond just letting you know, we will look into it for you to expedite getting you back online.

Pricing & Sign Up

Pick what suits your needs!


  • Weekly Manual Updates
  • Daily Incremental Backups
  • Update Roll-Back
  • Plugin & Theme Installs
  • SPAM & Revisions Cleanup
  • Database Optimization
  • Sucuri Security Scan
  • Uptime Monitoring & Performance Scans
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Report


  • Weekly Manual Updates
  • Daily Incremental Backups
  • Update Roll-Back
  • Plugin & Theme Installs
  • SPAM & Revisions Cleanup
  • Database Optimization
  • Sucuri Security Scan
  • Uptime Monitoring & Performance Scans
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Staging
  • Phone & Chat Support
  • Migrations
  • E-commerce Support
  • Consulting

Got Multiple WordPress Websites?

We can help. Drop us a line and we’ll work with you to customize our WordPress maintenance service to fit your needs.

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